Estate & Block Management

Our Estates Management department deals with the maintenance, supervision and account management of residential apartment blocks, residential estates and multi user commercial estates, from small single block sites to larger well established developments.

As part of a tailored service, depending upon the terms of the contract, our team will undertake:

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Preparation of service charge budgets

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Collection of service charge and ground rent

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Maintenance of records of finances and expenditure

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Submission of accounts and documentations to accountants

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Organisation of regular service contracts

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Organisation of regular site inspections

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Arrangement and supervision of major repairs

iconmonstr-checkbox-22-48 Liaison with solicitors in sales enquiries

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